Our Services

Skills Acquisition

Members will be trained and empowered with relevant tool.

Agro Services

Training of graduates and other individuals who want to take the bold step into the world of Agriculture

Free Medical Services

All members and non-members will benefit from our periodic free medical services.


Financial aid will be granted to the needy & less privileged in the society who aspire to advance academically.

Social Development and Welfarism

Community development based project such as provision of borehole water, support scheme to Orphanage homes, the widows and widowers as well as other welfare packages will be carried out to meet the social, economic, physical and financial needs of the people.

Leadership and Human Resource Development

We enhance leadership skills and harness potentials of members via regular corporate trainings..


Over the years, we have developed a reliable system of fund management, capacity building and efficient multi-level marketing system.

All you need to advance to the next level is taking a simple step in the right direction. We are unique, strategic, determined and ready to put diamonds in your sky.

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