Skills Acquisition:

Members will be trained and empowered with relevant tool that will grant them access to basic services and products needed to generate income and provide skills in the production of perfume, body spray, liquid soap, hair conditioner, medicated & toilet soap, paint making, hat making, bread & biscuit production e.t.c.

Agro Services:

Training of graduates and other individuals who want to take the bold step to venture into the world of agriculture either plant or animal husbandry service such as fish farming, poultry, plantation farming etc.

Forex Trading Services:

Interested Members will benefit from Crystal Wealth of experience in Currency trading market (FOREX) via financial training and support on Forex trading. Members can also earn extra income for as high as 50% quarterly on their capital

Free Medical Services:

Health is wealth. This is our stand at Crystal, hence all members and non-members will benefit from the periodic free medical services.

Scholarship, Social Development and Welfarism:

Financial aid will be granted to the needy and less-privilege in the society who aspire to advance academically but are unable to do so due to financial constraint. Also, community development based projects such as provision of boreholes, sanitation materials, Orphanage support scheme, Widows & Widowers support scheme etc. will be carried out to meet the needs of the people.

Leadership and Human Resource Development:

We enhance leadership skills and harness potentials of members via regular corporate trainings. This will improve the skills and capacity building of members thereby culminating in positive impact of members at their workplace, business, and endeavour as well as the society at large.