Crystal Neldar Nigeria Limited is a social business that thrives on the platform of networking where creativity and efforts are rewarded and compensated. By subscribing with a membership fee, you automatically become a member of the company with full access to all services and compensation offered by the company. To earn more, you are encouraged to introduce a minimum of two (2) members to the business while you are rewarded for your efforts.

To enjoy the full benefits of this business, you register with $16 equivalent of N3,200 in naira currency (enjoy basic services only), introduce minimum of two (2) members (enjoys referral, step-out and matrix bonuses) and keep smiling to the bank. You can refer more than two members; the more you refer, the more your network grows and the endless your earnings!

The compensation plan has Seven(7) stages plus the entry level which is as follows;

Stage Rank
Entry Feeder
Stage 1 Amber
Stage 2 Sapphire
Stage 3 Emerald
Stage 4 Ruby
Stage 5 Gold
Stage 6 Diamond
Stage 7 Crystal

All stages is a 2x2 matrix made up of 6 members (3 each from both left and right legs)

Under the compensation plan, we have the referral bonus, step out bonus, and matrix bonus which is explained below;

Referral Bonus: Cash bonus paid to a member (Upline) who sponsors a new member (Downline) into his/her network.
Step-Out Bonus: This is the cash bonus paid to the leader (Upline) of a board when a new member (Downline) joins his/her matrix.
Matrix Bonus: This is the cash bonus paid out to the leader (Upline) of a board whenever his/her matrix fills up.

Every registered member are entitle to all services rendered by the company. For full details on member’s earnings, rewards and incentives, kindly check our compensation plan.